Why Climb30 and VersaClimber?

Research proves VersaClimbing for 30 minutes or less, actively engages/tones all the major muscle groups and is more effective and time efficient compared to Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers and Bikes.

Your Climb30 VersaClimber features the classic, calorie guzzling, versatile 1 to 20 inch step height - combined with the 1 to 20 inch upper body arm movement. You'll experience a wider range of cardio & strength versatility than from any other workout.

From your ability to apply long muscle toning leg strides... To explosive sprint training movements, and every type of cardio training in between.... Climb30 will exceed all of your specific training requirements.

Utilizing cutting-edge design and technology, the equipment we offer has been refined and improved for a new generation of health & fitness enthusiasts:

  • Voice Feedback Module Display
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Variable Resistance Control (0-500 lbs. force resistance)
  • Quick Release Straight Hand Grips
  • Soft Padded Side Hand Rails
  • Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern / Cross Crawl

Come visit us. Climb your mountain.

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CardioClimb's clients range from cross-training, elite athletes...
To those who just want to get in the best shape of their lives.

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"I have tried other workouts, but this one is certainly the best. It brings efficiency and a new level of simplicity."

Jerry P.

"This is the best workout I have ever experienced. I'll definitely choose Climb30 again, and highly recommend them."

Jodi B.